Synchro/Resolver Simulators

NAI offers a wide variety of Synchro/Resolver Standards and Simulators that can be used as standards for calibrating and testing automatic test equipment (ATE) or for measuring the static or dynamic characteristics of Angle Position Indicators (APIs) and Synchro-to-Digital Converters. Features include up to 2 arc-second accuracy, programmable parameters, and 3.0 VA output. Ideally suited for defense, industrial, and commercial applications, these measurement instruments deliver industry-leading performance in a variety of accuracy and resolution grades, with various packaging options.

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ModelForm FactorFront Panel TypeInternal ReferenceResolutionAccuracySignal Voltage RangeReference Voltage RangeFrequency RangeInterfacesOther
5330ABench & RackmountHigh-Res Touch ScreenOptional 6Va0.001°Up to ±0.005°1 to 90VL-L AutoRanging2 to 115Vrms47Hz to 10kHzEthernet, USB, IEEE-488 and Parallel PortsTwo Speed Operation, Dynamic Angle Modes
5300Bench & RackmountLED4VA0.0001°0.00015°1 to 90VL-L AutoRanging2 to 115Vrms47Hz to 20kHzIEEE-488Synchro / Resolver Standard Accuracy & Resolution