Synchro/Resolver Boosters

NAI offers a variety of multichannel Synchro/Resolver Boosters that accept either Synchro or Resolver inputs and deliver isolated outputs capable of driving passive and active loads such as Control Transformers or Torque Receivers. These amplifiers can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver Converters.

The modules are military-grade and self-contained. Specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications, they provide high power-density and reliability in a compact package.

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ModelForm FactorInputOutputAccuracyPowerChannelsConnection
44PA1Flange MountResolver: 5.0VL-L, 6.81VL-L or 90VL-L30VA / 90VL-L±3 Arc Minutes115Vrms1Single D
5761Flange MountSynchro 11.8VL-L8Va / Synchro 11.8VL-L±15 Arc Minutes26Vrms2Two MS2749
5702Flange MountSynchro 11.8VL-LSynchro 11.8VL-L±5 Arc Minutes115Vrms3Single 38999