Power Monitors

NAI's Power Monitors are used to monitor voltage, frequency, phase characteristics, or phase rotation of single- and three-phase power lines. Specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications, these Power Monitors meet the most stringent performance and environmental requirements.

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ModelPowerInput Config.VoltageFreq.MonitorsContact FormPower Diss.Input TransientsOther
Power Monitor - iPMAC4-Wire Wye Single Phase 3-Wire DeltaSingle Phase: 80Vrms - 288Vrms 4-Wire Wye: 80Vrms - 288Vrms 3-Wire Delta: 104Vrms - 528Vrms47 - 800HzAC Voltage Band Frequency Band Peak Voltage DC Component Distortion (THD) PhaseDPDT or 3PDT9 WattsMIL-STD-704 MIL-STD-1399RS-485 Communication Field Adjustable Through RS-485 Serial Interface
YMA/YQAAC4-Wire Wye -or- Single Phase115Vrms50, 60 or 400HzAC Voltage Band Frequency Band PhaseDPDT or 3PDT6 WattsMIL-STD-704Field Adjustable Through Accessible Adjustment Potentiometers
PMA/PQAAC4-Wire Wye -or- Single Phase115 or 220Vrms50, 60 or 400HzAC Voltage Band Frequency Band PhaseDPDT or 3PDT6 WattsMIL-STD-704Not Applicable
109AC or DC4-Wire Wye -or- Single Phase115Vrms, 220Vrms or 28VDC50, 60 or 400Hz (Only for AC Power Application)AC Voltage Band Frequency Band Phase3 SPDT7 WattsMIL-STD-704Not Applicable