3U OpenVPX Multifunction I/O Boards

3U VPX I/O board

Industry Leading 3U VPX Intelligent I/O / Highest Packaging Density

VPX is a proposed ANSI standard – a departure from the traditional connector scheme of VMEbus. While VME is based on a bus, with signals daisy-chained at each slot, VPX is based on switched fabrics, allowing data rates to go much higher and are inherently much more reliable. VPX specifications chart a new course for the next revolution in bus boards. OpenVPX is the name of a group of companies that joined together in 2009 to address the VITA 46/VPX system specification. The group is made up of embedded military COTS vendors and system integrators.

NAI offers a variety of 3U VPX-based COTS and modified COTS multifunction I/O boards designed for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial environments. Built on our unique, mix-and-match Custom-On-Standard-Architecture™ (COSA®), our designs offer unusually high-function density, high resolution and accuracy, and low power consumption.

Customized Configurations - Adaptable Architecture

NAI's multifunction 3U VPX boards have the highest packaging density and most flexibility of any multifunction I/O board in the industry. You can simply and easily choose from a comprehensive list of more than 40 intelligent I/O, communications, simulation and measurement, and Ethernet switch functions that can be configured to your application-specific requirements.


These highly intelligent 3U VPX boards, can often operate as standalone systems, eliminating the need for an SBC, operating system and associated software royalty costs.


With 3U VPX, interface selections are controlled by Gigabit Ethernet (Gig-E) and High Speed sRIO or PCIe, so users can confidently choose to take advantage of the OpenVPX™ form-factor offering higher speed, switched fabric, communication options.


A Windows® PNP Software Support Kit with board-specific library (DLL) and source code is supplied to facilitate application development. For Wind River® Linux and VxWorks®.

ModelBoard TypeBoard ArchitectureFunction Module SlotsEthernetMaster / SlaveOther
68G53U OpenVPXDual Core ARM® Cortex® A9 @ 800 MHz32 x GBBothSlot profile: SLT3-PER-1F-14.3.2 / Module profile: MOD3-PER-1F-16.3.2-2
68C33U OpenVPXBF533 / Cyclone® IV2 + 1/22 x GBBoth